Career Education Classes


Career Education

Chaffey Adult School offers a number of introductory level vocational courses designed to provide entry level skills in the content area. A certificate of completion is awarded upon success completion of the course. Vocational courses begin the week of August 15 for semester 1, and January 9 for semester 2, and run for 18 weeks unless otherwise noted. All fees are per semester.

Bench Carpenter (Woodworking)

In this class you will learn basic and advanced furniture/cabinet making. Students build skills by completing planned projects or through working on their own projects.
T | 6:00-9:00 pm | CHS (Wood Shop) | Hennessy | $80

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Automotive - Vehicle Maintenance and Light Repair

This ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified course curriculum will provide entry-level training in automotive service, light repair, diagnosis, and maintenance using hand tools, specialty tools, and diagnostic equipment. Students will learn to replace air cleaners, wiper blades, tires, shocks, batteries, balance tires, and work on cooling, heating/air conditioning, charging/starter, and brake systems. Successful students will complete the program with an in-demand job skill, a foundation for additional training and will receive a certificate of completion.  The course may be repeated by those qualified students pursuing the course/hours standard for the industry certification exam.
Th | 6:00-9:00 pm | OHS (Auto Shop) | Root | $80

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Cement Mason (Masonry)

Learn entry level masonry skills, including use of masonry products, mortar preparation and application, laying blocks, proper use of masonry tools and equipment, job safety, and project planning. Class meets for 14 weeks.
T/W | 6:00-8:30 pm | OHS (Masonry Lab) | Ott | $100

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Mechanical Drafting CAD (Computer Aided Design)

This mechanical drafting course teaches students to draw, interpret and present orthographic and isometric designs of mechanical products and their individual components. AutoCAD and Solidworks software will be the primary tools for drawing, dimensioning, and sectioning. This course covers the fundamentals and basics of mechanical drawing, terminology, and design processes.
T/W | 6:00-9:00 pm | OHS | TBD | $100

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Medical Insurance Billing, Coding and Terminology Course

This two semester course is designed to prepare students for a career in Medical Billing, Coding and Terminology. This course will prepare individuals to successfully complete exams for the certification in the field and students completing the course with a grade of "C" or better, and a least 85% attendance, will receive a certificate of completion. Textbooks are required and may be purchased in the office at a cost of $150 per semester, cash only. While textbooks may be purchased elsewhere, students are advised to consult the teacher before purchasing any books.
Pre-requisite: Student should have basic computer skills.

M/W or T/Th | 6:00-9:00 pm | CASC C-4 | Torrez | $200*

1st Semester: Medical Billing will cover the Basics of Health Insurance
Textbook and Workbook: Insurance Handbook for the Medical Office

2nd Semester: Medical Coding will cover Procedural (CPT) Coding
Textbook and Workbook: Step-by-Step Medical Coding

*Course fee is per semester.

Note: Due to the high demand for this course, registration must be made in person in the adult school offices.

Medical Healthcare Interpreter Training Program (9/12/16-10/26/16)

The MAGNUS Medical Healthcare Interpreter Training Program is a 40-hour course designed to prepare bilingual/bicultural individuals to take the national certification test for employment as Medical Interpreters in the healthcare field.  Students receive a certificate upon completion of the course andare encouraged to complete a practicum, where they will receive practical, real world experience as interpreters in a healthcare setting. A bilingual assessment is required for enrollment. While the course is offered on the Chaffey Adult School 7th Street campus, registration is through the website. For more information about Medical Interpreter Training, or to register for the course, call (800) 673-3923 or visit the website: InterpreterEd.comCourse offering subject to sufficient enrollment.

M/W | 6:00-9:00 pm | CASC J-4 | Lomeli